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Money matters are different for each individual, but it is also true that we often have similar concerns and questions. Phumelele has put together a list of some of the more popular questions you may have and her answers.

Where do I get a copy of From Debt to Riches?

CNA, Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Adams and takealot.com. If the shop near does not have a copy, please place an order and the store will phone you when they have received it.

How much is a copy of From Debt to Riches?

The book is R149.

Where can I get a copy of 7 Secrets Why the Rich Own their Homes?

There are currently no copies as the book is sold out.

When is your next talk?

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I am heavily indebted and need Phumelele to assist me to get rid of my debt.

As much as Phumelele loves to see people get themselves out of debt, she is unable assist with this process due to time constraints. However, From Debt to Riches contains everything you need to get you on the right road. You can also read more on our blog and in our regular newsletters.

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