How to achieve financial freedom

Phumelele will personalise a talk for your audience.

“I think people are opening up and appreciating the need to speak about money and ask for guidance especially. We are not taught about money either at school or at university. In addition, so many of us never heard about financial planning growing up. With things changing for the better, I want people to have the wisdom to ensure they keep and grow their money,” she says.


Women are the rocks of our families and of our nation, yet so many women feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of keeping their money and ensuring a secure future for themselves and their children. In this powerful presentation, Phumelele Ndumo covers:

  • Money, marriage & divorce
  • Are you dressing yourself to financial ruin?
  • What relationship do you have with money? Are you a Cinderella? A cash cow? Is shopping your therapy? Keeping up with the “Motsepes”, considerations of a black tax payer
  • Can you send your kids to university? How to use what is available to you to ensure you can
  • Why you need life cover
  • Is your car driving your destiny? That balloon will burst – how are you going to pay for the residual?
  • What ordinary women can do to become financially independent

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When you buy a home, your loan amount decreases as you pay towards it, yet the value of your home increases over time. Ndumo explains exactly why owning a home is so important and helps you to avoid common mistakes South Africans make with home ownership. Her talk covers:

  • 10 reasons why buying a home is the best decision you will make
  • How to pay off your home in 8 years
  • How much can a bank lend you to buy a home?
  • The impact on HIV/Aids on home ownership
  • Stop your home being repossessed

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Not all debt is detrimental to your future. There is bad debt – which is the kind that does not increase your wealth over time. And there is good debt – which is the money that you borrow to buy things that will pay you back over time. Then there is also ugly debt. Phumelele knows that having access to debt is an important requirement for becoming financially independent. But it must be the right kind of debt. In this talk, she covers:

  • How healthy is your relationship with money?
  • How the National Credit Act works for you
  • Is it possible to manage credit cards so that they benefit you?
  • 10 steps to clear your debts
  • How debt counselling works and the fees you can expect to pay
  • Manage your debts
  • Stop garnishee order pain

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Most ordinary South Africans think that building wealth is for people who are already wealthy. They imagine people in suits sitting in their private libraries contemplating various investment options. It feels out of reach, not to mention complicated and difficult to build wealth. But Phumelele provides clever money tips that work. She is not about fancy jargon; she gets right to the heart of how to plan for a secure financial future. Her building wealth talk covers:

  • Use your home to buy a second investment property, start your own business or as your own personal bank
  • A beginner’s guide to the stock exchange
  • Is your stokvel giving you good return?
  • Saving money in Government retail bonds
  • 10 things you can do this year to become prosperous
  • Are you investing for your old age?

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