In this interview, we talk about our light, easy and comfortable face masks. Most importantly, when you buy your face mask from us, you help us to donate masks to those who need them the most. We have donated 70 masks so far and we are planning to donate the next 40 masks to an old age home in Alex and then another 40 to a clinic in Alex. The more masks you buy from us, the more masks we can donate to others.
Please share this podcast with others and also buy your masks from us. We now make kiddies masks in kiddies colours, we are also happy to make a bandana for you to go with your mask because we know you have not been to a hair salon in a while 

To place  your orders you can phone 064 513 1021

Where to buy our masks

If you are in Dainfern, you can get your masks from Dr Maggz Mediwell Clinic at Dainfern Square and if you are in Centurion, you can buy your masks from Dr Malebo Maponyane at Intercare Mall@55

Looking forward to getting more orders from you