I am having a housewarming party at my new home on the 10th of December 2016. This is a message I received from Sindi. Who is Sindi and why am I excited to share this with you?

This is the email I received from Sindi on the 16th of November 2015

Hi Phume
Wow what a book!
I am a single parent of 2 beautiful Souls 17 year old girl and a 4 year old boy working as a Rep.
May 2014 winding time between calls in Sasolburg I entered CNA. 
I came across one copy of this wonderful book “From Debt to Riches”
Then I was swimming in debt not even having money to buy a copy  for R130.
By just reading the title it brought back hope in me that I can be out of debt which I put myself through.
I knew I could stop renting and own a home if I manage my money well.
After 15 months following your advises from the book I paid off some personal loans and credit cards and I am still left with a few, I am soo glad to tell you I will be moving to my first home soon.
I am also at ease by the fact that one needs to start small and do it well.
Warm regards

Sindi Ngcotsho

It has been 2 and a half years since that fateful day when Sindi walked into CNA and bought a copy of my book. She read it and applied the suggestions and is now bad debt free. I finally met Sindi in March this year when she was already bad debt free and was saving for a deposit for her home. She is now my customer and has life cover and a tax-free investment which she took to save for the university education of her 4-year old boy. She will be taking a retirement annuity as soon as she has at least R400 monthly to spare. I also want to emphasise that Sindi got out of debt by simply reading the book and applying the suggestions and tips in the book. I never met or consulted with her about getting out of debt. I am emphasising this point to show you that by reading the book, you too can get out of debt if you want to. And you too can start your own journey to building a better future for yourself, your children and your family

So maybe it is your turn to turn your life around too? Why don’t you get a copy of the book for yourself and spend your Christmas holidays reading it and make a decision that 2017 will be your year where you will begin to make necessary changes to improve your finances?

Do you need help to get out of debt and to build a better life for yourself and your family?
You could also get a copy of my book, From Debt to Riches – Steps to Financial Success and self – service yourself. The book is available at most CNAs, Exclusives, Bargain books and other bookshops – the book is R145  a copy. Remember to also visit our new website www.thuthuka-sa.co.za for more tips on money management.

Some people may want to speak to Sindi to get inspiration and motivation to improve their financial lives
If you want to speak to someone who read the book and implemented the steps in the book and is now debt free, I can refer you to Sindi. She has recently moved to her home and is having a housewarming party on the 10th of December. Sindi is not a debt counsellor and she will give you her story and what she did to get out of debt. She cannot answer any technical questions about debt management but hopefully, meeting with her will give you the motivation you need to know that it is possible to get out of debt and you will also get first- hand information about the practical steps she took. You can meet with her if you are in the Johannesburg area or  you can phone her. I guided her to charge R300 for 1 hour. If you are interested in meeting with Sindi, drop me an email at info@test1.sdds.co.za so we can facilitate the meeting, Appointments will only be scheduled once you have paid the R300.